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Attractive location in the business district of Plovdiv, functional workspaces, presence of advanced- building systems and high-tech exterior and interior are distinguishing Royal Business Center. The sharp geometry and the correct proportions, the combination of metal and glass underline the business character of the building. Because of its proximity to the International Fair and direct connection to the city center via a pedestrian bridge, this area bordering the northern bank of Maritsa River, has become an active business district with numerous offices, banks and shops. The building is designed with one underground level for parking spaces, ground floor with public and commercial use and six floors of offices. The total area of ​​the business center is 4235.98 m (589.34 sq m underground and 3646.64 sq m above ground level). Spatial design of the building is dictated by the desire of investors to create expressive, "memorable architectural image", says the designer.

The parking is at elevation -2.90 m, with seating for 14 cars. The ground floor has an area of ​​530 square meters and is divided into two rooms, which are intended to accommodate the offices of financial institutions. The next six standard floors are a total of 12 office module-type open spaces. At each level there are two administrative units - the eastern area of ​​200 sq m, and in the west - an area of ​​300 square meters They are connected by a passage, in which is situated the communications core. In addition all installation systems such as water supply, sewage, electrical constructed and emergency lighting installation, video surveillance, air conditioning, cabling and others. The exterior design of the building is set facade of natural stone, mounted on metal profiles. Glazing facade is structurally with low-e glass with a high coefficient of heat preservation and steel profiles high-end - the company ALUKonigSTAHL - SCHUCO. The air conditioning system is VRV Daikin- economical heating system with low energy consumption.


  • Royal Business Center Plovdiv
  • 6 Belgrad str., Plovdiv 4003, Bulgaria
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