Radis Group is a Bulgarian company, established in 2007

Successfully affirmed as one of the internal market business’ leaders, Radis Group specializes in investment, real estate, building and construction, organization and planning, and as well in financing and managing real estate properties and hotels in Bulgaria.

Radis Group invests only in projects with best locations and with high potential, that answer to the company’s vision and mission.

We aim for long-lasting success and continuously work and improve all aspects of the business through external and internal innovation. Radis Group continuously invests in its staff and cooperates, management methods, and properties, in order to achieve higher standards and sustainable results.

It is our responsibility to make our clients and partners trust in us, for which we provide them with clearly-defined strategies that aim for success and development potential. Through innovation and effective management, we reach our goals in all asset classes.

Our carefully chosen team consists of well-educated professionals, who constantly aim to achieve the company's goals and work together towards the road of success. In Radis Group, good isn’t good enough. Our team of professionals and outstanding management aims for excellence in all spheres of the business’.

With a reasonable approach, we consistently seek for new opportunities, including: comprehending and analyzing of all plausible possibilities and limitations, offering a realistic potential for success that come along with them.

Inside the company’s mindset it is deeply embedded to be responsible, and to strive for analytical approach when undertakingnew projects, only when there is a realistic potential for success.

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